Little House┬ámeasures its progress by the milestones of its children. The “Twos” are rapidly expanding their ability to verbally communicate. They are also ambulating with more assurance and their self-discipline is improving. Now they are ready for a more structured daily routine and are able to make better sense of the shapes, colors, and letters to which they were introduced as toddlers. Tracing the letters of the alphabet and the numbers and using crayons to complete other paperwork encourages the development of this group’s small motor skills- and they enjoy the challenge.

The Twos demonstrate their improved self-confidence and self-discipline by choosing their own “shelfwork” (as we call our educational materials). No longer easily frustrated, they “stay with” the work they have chosen and complete it independently – an important achievement in preparing them for preschool. the Twos improved self-discipline and self-confidence also enables our teachers to lengthen their learning experience at circle. Their improved self-confidence and self-discipline and their enjoyment of the learning experience presented to them at Little House, in turn,prepares them fo the challenges they face in the “Threes” and “Fours” groups.