Little House’s littlest ones are beginning to walk, verbally communicate, and learning to listen.  They are also busy discovering themselves and the world around them.  As these youngest of explorers physically and cognitively develop in and test the world around them, Little house and its staff provide a safe and nurturing environment.

At Little House, our Toddlers enjoy a program that is both fun and intellectually stimulating.  While much of the toddlers’ time is designated to free play and exploration, circle time gently introduces them to a routine and a mild form of structure that prepares them for the self-discipline they will later require in school.

Our Toddlers are introduced to the enjoyment found in the “finer arts” by creating their own little masterpieces.  They enjoy the stories their teachers read to them,  and wonder at the pictures that illustrate the stories.  The children’s sensory and motor skills are further developed as well, as they sing and move and clap in rhythm.  Shapes, colors, numbers and letters also are introduced in preparation for later more “advanced” learning in the Twos’ group.