Toddlers News letter

Welcome,Welcome, September is here and the toddler teachers are excited and looking forward to having a GRAND time working with your children this school year.

Throughout the year, the toddler teachers will work on the childrens’ motor skills through finger painting, coloring, and other fun activities.  The toddlers will participate in academic activities such as circle time, story time and sing alongs (which have always been a toddler favorite).  And of course, the toddlers will continue playing with shelf toys and enjoy outside play (as long as the weather permits).

During the month of September, the class will spend time getting to know each other as we welcome new friends to the group.  Therefore, each week the class will celebrate a child of the week.  Teachers are asking parents bring a photo of their child (no bigger than 4 X 4) to insert in the class frame.

Just a reminder, Please LABEL all items that are sent to Little House.  This will help reduce any confusion.

Again, the teachers welcome all new and returning toddlers!!

Have a wonderful September!!!