The Threes are on a path leading to kindergarten.   They are even more eager to learn and their teachers take full advantage of their blossoming intellectual curiosity by introducing them to many school readiness skills. These skills include focuses on:

  • Beginning reading skills and concepts
  • Writing skills
  • Gaining foundation skills for understanding mathematics.
  • An introduction to science and social studies
  • Creative art
  • Physical health and movement
  • Social skill enhancement and emotional development

Fun, however, is never abandoned at Little House.  Learning is interwoven with fun and the children enjoy sheer playtimes as well.

Be assured that the children’s teachers are working diligently to assist these kindergarten-bound groups in the development of their abilities and their self esteem.  Little House strives to build a solid foundation for their future learning and helps the children master the skills that will lead to success throughout their school years and beyond.