Little House on the Hill Daycare center opened its doors in 1985, with a handful of children, under the direction of Marie Lapworth.  Our facility at the time was a modest one, only a few rooms, but over the years we have expanded.  Today the Center occupies the entire building located at 8100 Germantown Avenue, in Chestnut Hill, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa., and we are filled to capacity with happy and blossoming children.  Little House owes its success to its commitment to provide a safe, wholesome and cheerful environment and a sound basis for our graduates’ entrance into kindergarten.  We enjoy a fine, solid reputation founded on the appreciation of the parents of our children and their wholehearted endorsements and recommendations to their extended families and friends.  Our daycare has become an integral piece of that fabric of families and friends.  Truly, Little House is a home away from home.

Little House Front Sign